Watermark Cell Phone Pictures

Balloon-HatSmartphones are the laptops of the future and we are only going to gain more productivity in years to come. They have replaced a good percentage of home phones and are rapidly replacing the digital camera. I am guessing that in the next couple of years Smartphones and tablets will be crushing the laptop industry. New productivity apps for mobile phones are making it easier to be productive. One app that I have been using allows me to watermark mobile images.

Add Watermark is a free Android app that adds a watermark to an image. Take a picture or import the picture from your phone’s gallery and select font, placement, size, and wording to imprint on the image. A duplicate image is created allowing you to use the original for other purposes.

I have been using this app for several weeks now and I am finding it easy to take a picture, add a watermark, and upload it to a social network within minutes. No longer do I need to wait to get to the office and Photoshop a watermark onto an image. I instantly do it and post.