Little Voice Says, “Failure”

100_0683This past week I was working on adding new material to my show. Like many people, the muse speaks to me just before the sandman douses me with sand. The next day, I brainstormed on new material, and several hours later, the feeling of failure slowly started to creep into my mind.

The day was shot, no marketing, blogging, contracts, or goals achieved. Lying in a pile of broken balloons, distraught, I check my email. Nothing. The whole day has been a waste, and I could feel pressure mounting behind my eyes.

As I went through the nightly rituals of cleaning the house, putting the kids to bed, and as I lay there on the floor watching TV, the pressure to produce was increasing. Thoughts of bills, gigs not acquired, and frustration of not landing those big gigs seemed bigger this evening.

About 10:30 at night, some 14 hours later, I realized…nothing has changed since yesterday. Yesterday was a good day. I worked out, booked some gigs, did mass niche marketing, and things were going great. So why did good ideas take a 180 degree mood change? Failure — I allowed failure to doubt my abilities. In hours, I went from great ideas to worrying about things I had no control over.

The solution, turn off the voice in my head and get back on track. Yes, a day of failure started to take me down a dark road, but I quickly realized there is light at the end of the tunnel. I just need to turn around and head back to the light. I just need to get back in rhythm, and once I did things looked rosier all over again.

I’m holding my head high, my thoughts are positive, and new ideas are forming. We all have days where we doubt our skills. When that day comes, take a step back to the moment things were right in the universe. I did, and I feel great for doing it.