The bone weave is used for balloon centerpieces as a way to cover or highlight a balloon frame

Using The Bone Weave

I’m so tired of seeing the three balloon wrap to cover a frame or pole that I had to create a video showing a different option.  I know some people who will say, “Dale, the three balloon spiral wrap is easy, quick, and if it breaks can be fixed instantly.”   Well, to that, I say, “Excellent balloon designs are not accomplished with simple twists but may require stuffing, distorting, and gluing are involved in creating works of art.”  If you are like me and appreciate the work that goes into a balloon design, then I think you’ll like the bone weave.

If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and create a unique centerpiece that is simple to make, tricky to fix, and has a wow factor, then you need to try the bone weave.

Why I like this weave

  • It’s not a spiral wrap
  • Has a unique look
  • It looks hard but is simple to make

I made this video to show you how to do the bone weave.

Can you see yourself using this weave in a design? What do you like about the bone weave, if anything?

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