Over the years, I  have made many Chicken,  Duck, and Turkey balloon animals, but this was my first Turducken.  The key to make a good Turducken is starting off with a small chicken – if it is to big, it will not fit into the duck – which then makes the turkey even larger.

I used 260’s for the entire design, but if you wanted to go really crazy with this Turducken design, use 160-balloons for the chicken, 260’s for the duck and 350’s for the turkey.  This should make it easier for you to stuff one balloon inside of the other.

If using multiple balloon sizes, be prepared for a large balloon sculpture when your finished.  This Turducken is about the size of a 20-lb turkey.  However, it has less calories but,  is on the rubbery side.  So you may want to serve your family the real Turducken this Thanksgiving.

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