Turkeyed Out

Turkey the food that we eat once a year

Have you noticed the day after Thanksgiving the desire to eat more turkey is gone?  We may eat it cold, warm, mix it into other food dishes, but after just a couple of days we are turkeyed out.  What’s up with that?  Unlike hamburgers, pizza, and chicken which we eat every week sometimes twice a day, turkey is one of those meals that once we’ve had it we don’t need it for months.  Some families only have it once a year.

When planning the Christmas feast each year, turkey is an option presented, but too often a family member will utter “We just had turkey”.  Think about it, it’s been weeks since we’ve had turkey, but yet we’ve gorged ourselves on hamburgers, hotdogs, pizza, beef sandwiches, and chicken countless times over those weeks.  Turkey never enters our mind, unless we are thinking of Thanksgiving or see it on a restaurant menu, and think, hmm turkey sounds good today.

Turkey isn’t a complicated meal to cook and it typical serves multiple people.  It is not like you have to buy an extra one to feed a large family.

Grocery stores have blowout sales to get rid of extra turkey’s that didn’t sell.  You pay pennies a pound. I cannot think of another food that after a holiday goes on such a big price drop like turkey.  I’ll buy one of those discounted turkey’s and sometime over the next 3-4 months cook it up, but not before then.

Turkey, the food we love once a year, but twice in little more than a month, no thank you.

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