Transporting Balloons Sculptures

Barber PoleWhen it comes to deco twisting, delivery is one part of the job that I just do not like to do. It never fails that when I need to deliver a balloon it is windy, hot, rainy, snowing, or anything else but 74 degrees with a soft breeze.

I may let a balloon sit for hours prior to delivery, yet I still need to bag the balloon and deliver it, which always means there is a chance of breaking. Yes, I can fix it. Well maybe, depending on what breaks and where. It may be able to be repaired.

The other part of deco twisting I despise is making sure I have the right balloon supplies in stock. As an entertainer I can adapt and overcome, but when I am making several of the same centerpieces, having enough of the right supplies is critical. If I run short of one color, size, or shape, I may spend hours redesigning, which is now costing me time and money.

Crafting a work of art that people are willing to pay money for is not difficult; getting it to them in one piece, that is the trick. This past week, I made a barber pole, which exceeds 40 inches in height. Now, unlike some decorators who have large plastic bags, I could not find my storage bags, which I picked up at the local big box hardware store, some 15 years ago. I would suggest to anybody who wants to deliver balloons to invest in some large plastic storage bags.

I could not find any bags in the house that were 40-inches in height, so I used a plastic garment bag. I typically use them to transport my stage attire to shows. It keeps them clean, and prevents me from losing any of my clothing. Today, it was used for transporting a barber pole. I simply unzipped the bag, placed the balloon sculpture in and closed up the garment bag.

The delivery went with no problems and the client was extremely happy. As an entertainer, I can twist and shape a balloon without concern of it breaking. Yet, when I make a balloon delivery it feels like walking a balloon dog through a cactus patch. I was just waiting for it to explode! When it doesn’t, I feel relief!


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  1. I do large sculptures for events and have problems with weighing them down. I sure could use dome advice. I made some palm tress with cute monkeys, parrots,bananas and coconuts in the tree, really cute but could not get it to sit up good, a lot of my work ends up laying sideways which is a real turnoff and not showing my work well.

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