Things I miss not having a live audience

Things I Miss Entertaining For A Live Audience

I know performing for a live audience is better than a dead audience, so let me rephrase it as an in-person presentation.

One could argue that if you do a virtual show correctly, you’ll achieve the same delightfully experience.  That might be stretching reality as we all know a steak from a five-star restaurant is not equal to a steak from a one-star restaurant even though they are both serve steaks.

Things I Miss Not Doing In-person Shows.

  1. Having a large group of people laughing as one
  2. Seeing individual faces light up with delight as they see a balloon take shape before their eyes
  3. Preshow banter with the audience about life, family, and their present surroundings
  4. Kids were giving me hugs and high fives after the show as they thank me for coming to their event.
  5. Visiting different locations and meeting new people
  6. Spontaneous audience interaction to a segment of the show that wasn’t scripted for audience interaction
  7. Not having to worry about broadcast issues, which can be frustrating for a one-person show.
  8. Having a show that has been performed hundreds of times before an audience

These things seem so inconsequential in the whole scope of a show, but these are the little things that I look forward to when entertaining at an in-person presentation.

Now there are benefits to a virtual show like shoes are optional, multiple shows around the country in one day from one location, or the excitement of doing something different.

Human interaction, for me, is a critical element when entertaining that, at present, is difficult to reproduce.  These are the things I miss the most. Leave me a comment on what you miss not doing an in-person show?

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