The Story Behind the Marshmallow Shooter

The other day I was googling the Internet around 12:20 am for balloon information and I came across a blog that had a link to my YouTube patriotic rib instructions. I explored the site and thought it was one of the coolest website that I have seen in a longtime. The website is a how-to site that uses cartoons to illustrate the instructions. One of their how-to cartoons was on making a marshmallow shooter. I sent an email to the site owner complementing them on a neat layout and asked some questions about the howtoons. That night my mind started working and I thought how cool would it to make a marshmallow shooter out of balloons. So the next day I sat down and created the step-by-step balloon instructions on how to make a marshmallow shooter. But I couldn’t just stop there. What’s the fun of making a marshmallow shooter that doesn’t launch marshmallows? So here is a video on how to make a real firing marshmallow shooter.

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