Truth Behind Why A Balloon Stretch

PIcture of balloon animal balloon spread out uninflated

Wow, did the balloon get bigger or stretch out? Do you remember as a child inflating a balloon, and when you let the air out, the balloon stretched in width? This childhood memory is one reason why I think people assume stretching a balloon makes it easier to inflate.  I’ve seen this time-after-time at birthday … Read more

Which balloons are better Betallatex and Qualatex?

Top 3 Questions Asked by Beginner Balloon Entertainers Part two of three. Here the second most popular question asked by new balloon entertainers. Editors Notes: This article was originally posted on Nov 13, 2013, and has been revamped and updated for accuracy. Question: Which balloons are better Betallatex or Qualatex? Answer: There are two major … Read more

Colors are being Eliminated?

The present economy has not made it easy for any company while layoffs and cut backs are happening across the board. It started me thinking about the balloon manufactures and how they must be coping with decreasing sales. Reports from around the world state that balloon entertainment is slow and entertainers are not purchasing as … Read more

Increased Gas Prices Take the Air Out of Balloon Business

Balloon Animals Featured Blog Post, by Balloon Artist Dale Obrochta

As fuel prices skyrocket so to have day-to-day operations in every business.  The balloon business has been one industry that his weathering the storm and is starting to feel the increasing pressure to raise prices. Pioneer Balloon Company, the leading balloon manufacture, announced to distributors that a 7% increase will be starting in July, 2008. … Read more