The Painful Truth About The Future of Festivals

Festival Guildines for 2020 pandemic and the future

What Social Distancing at Festivals might look like in 2020 Every event aims to draw crowds, provide good music, great food, and a community atmosphere of fun.  Can that happen in 2020 with Covid-19 Social Distancing requirements?  Here are ideas on how this might look this year. Looking out on the crowd from the stage, … Read more

2020 For Me It’s The Year Of Zero

2020 is all about taking two steps forward just to go two steps backwards

2020, Two Steps Forward and Two Steps Back During the pandemic, my 20/20 vision has sharpened, and I find myself looking backward at past jobs, schooling opportunities, and financial decisions.  2020 is the year of two steps forward, take two steps back. The highs and lows on this crazy rollercoasters are mind-numbing. My retirement saving … Read more