January, the Month to Move Forward

Dale Obrochta with schools kids from a school fun day program.

They say a rolling stone gathers no moss, but if that stone only moves a fraction of an inch every decade, it will become moss covered. As I start my third decade of balloon entertaining, I find that I am constantly pushing my skills to new levels. I am not talking about balloon twisting skills, … Read more

Generating Leads Through Pinterest

You may wonder how anybody could generate leads from Pinterest. Wikipedia has defined Pinterest as “a pinboard-style photo-sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, and hobbies”. Now that I explained what it is, let me explain how you can take advantage of Pinterest. There is a group … Read more

How to Build Followers and Get More Subscribers

Over the years, I have learned that there is no quick way to build a fan base. You can try spamming everyone in the industry to “Like” your page, ask them to subscribe, beg them to follow, or just ask them to participate in a discussion, but human nature holds them back. Years ago, I read a marketing study … Read more

Apprehensive Restaurant Entertainer Seeks Help

“Do you have any suggestions for someone who has the twisting skills, but is afraid to pitch restaurants?” This was the question asked of me today in Facebook. The idea of approaching a stranger and pitching an idea is always met with fear and apprehension. It is like dating; somebody needs to start the conversation. … Read more

Entertainer’s Love For Career Fuels Her Marketing

I joke with clients all the time; “After this gig, I am unemployed again.” Unlike the people with 9-5 jobs, entrepreneurs are constantly networking, marketing, and seeking work. In a LinkedIn group, Valerie Gillies shared the story on how a friend witnessed Valerie marketing her business while shopping. I use my unique profession to give people … Read more

February, Mardi Gras Parties Puts Money In Entertainers’ Pockets

Little Mermaid made from balloon animals by balloon artist, Dale Obrochta

Church’s Mardi Gras Party Mardi Gras, punchki sales rocket and church people party.  Mardi Gras parties are not limited to New Orleans, but are happening throughout the country.  Do a quick Google search and you will find that many churches around your area are holding Mardi Gras parties for their parishioners. If you have overlooked marketing to these … Read more

The Overlook Opportunity

Life just happens and if you are in tune with your environment, you know what is going on in your community. Yet, everyone is “in tune”, but watching a different TV channel. I am 47 years old and Sprout, Sponge Bob, and Disney Channel are on the TV 90% of the time. In simple terms, … Read more

6 Tips to Putting a Monetary Value on Free

Free Entertainment does not have to be FREE I, like many people, look at sales papers and periodically I stumble on the word free. It is a simple little word that many charitable organizations toss around. Some people presume that just because you offer something free everyone should take it. With that logic, you would … Read more

Facebook Marketing

I Want A Video Game It may seem wacky for me to be ranting about not having a video game, but the truth is when you’re trying to market something, you have to look at all the angles.  First, I need to tie in my career – Comedic Balloon Entertaining with some wacky topic that … Read more