How To Raise Prices On Repeat Customers

Balloon sales, price increase as you need to raise prices on past clients

How do you handle raising prices on repeat customers that you’ve previously charged a lower rate? Early in my career, I consider using a low price strategy to capture the market, but after hearing a story from my dad, I changed my mind. My father’s colleague’s wife, Sarah, opened a beauty salon, and her goal … Read more

Relationships – Let’s Connect


I am constantly thinking about how to improve my entertainment business, and land that big paying gig. Too often, perspective customers are just concerned about price, and not about the skills that I could bring to their event. My dad would always tell me, “Son, people buy from people they like, and are willing to … Read more

The Secret to Generating Work

You can spend hours a day looking for new customers.  Where do you look? You Google sometimes, or go through the yellow pages – online you might post in Facebook or tweet a statement or two, and when the day is done, nothing! The trick is to market to past customers.  I use Act, a … Read more

The Cozy Client with the Elephants Memory

Who is  closer, a mother who raised the child for 20-years or the spouse who has lived with the person for 20-years?  It is hard to say who knows who the best. However, entertainers create a bond with clients by interacting and sharing an experience, thus creating an allusion of “friendship”. It’s like the scene … Read more