Entertainer’s Love For Career Fuels Her Marketing

I joke with clients all the time; “After this gig, I am unemployed again.” Unlike the people with 9-5 jobs, entrepreneurs are constantly networking, marketing, and seeking work. In a LinkedIn group, Valerie Gillies shared the story on how a friend witnessed Valerie marketing her business while shopping. I use my unique profession to give people … Read more

Details For A Reason

I have learned over the years, that details can be the difference between working and not working.  Do that little extra on a balloon design can bring accolades from colleagues and friends, but when you working a line or large crowds, you need to know what detail is important. Adding that unneeded detail, just because … Read more

Professional Essentials for the Entertainment Business

Balloon Animals Featured Blog Post, by Balloon Artist Dale Obrochta

As I’m growing in my business, I’m learning that there are a few tools of the trade that one cannot live without as far as being a professional entertainer goes. I’ve made a quick list of the things that have stuck out most in my mind over the past week and included a small statement … Read more