Twisting Balloons in the Bitter Cold

Balloon artist Dale Obrochta - dressed to entertain people at a winter festival

For decades, the talk among balloon entertainers has always been about how to twist a balloon in extreme heat. Yet few conversations talk about twisting balloons in extreme cold. This past weekend I had the opportunity to twist balloons in 36-degree temperatures, with winds between 10-20, with the occasional gusts to 30, miles per hour. … Read more

Stupid Things People Say

Picture of Dale Obrochta balloon entertaining

“You should let my 2-year-old go first,” bellows a woman standing behind the teenagers.  The four teenage girls had no idea what the woman was complaining about, they too stood in line.  “Ma’am, this is kid’s day, and they, like you, paid to get in and are entitled to balloons.”  I could see my logic … Read more

Refueled for 2012

I restock and take inventory of my balloon apron after every show. This assures I have what I need for the next show. I review what the most requested design was and what caused the surge of requests?  Each year I do the same with my business.   I evaluate what I did last year and … Read more

I want to be a Balloon Entertainer

Balloon Entertaining

How to become a Balloon Entertainer Sitting in my inbox  was a letter asking for help on how one gets started entertaining? “By that, I mean, get a gig at a library or a walk-a-round entertainer.  What do you do/say to get started?” signed Silver Sister. Many entertainers start by working with other established entertainers, … Read more

Entertaining for a Breast Cancer Awareness

Over the past couple of months, I have seen young ladies wearing rubber band bracelets with the slogan on them saying, “I love boobies.” Apparently, it is a bracelet to show support for the Breast Cancer Society. This month I’m in negations to entertain at an exhibitors reception with an association that will be raising … Read more

Developing and Designing Balloon Animals

It was a quiet day at the restaurant where I perform by comedic balloon entertainment, so I used the slow evening to create this fire breathing Dragon.  A little girl was watching, and when I was done, guess who got it? Here is a side view of the Dragon.  It is never easy to take … Read more

It not Child Abuse, its Entertainment

Balloon Animals Featured Blog Post, by Balloon Artist Dale Obrochta

It was a busy Wednesday night at Aurelio’s pizza in Griffith Indiana.  I was circulating the dining room entertaining the local families with balloon animals when I came upon a family of four.  The mom was correcting her child for his overzealous behavior of antagonizing his sister.  I walked over to the table to see … Read more

OMG, Make up your Mind and Pick Something

Balloon Animals Featured Blog Post, by Balloon Artist Dale Obrochta

It never fails, during a marathon of line twisting, just me, my balloons, and what seems to be 1,000 kids with semi-patient parents all waiting for a balloon animal; I will get a well groomed child who when ask what they want, will give me the dreaded blank stare. Their eyes glaze over with a … Read more