How To Grow A Balloon Business

Grow your balloon business

The other day I was scrolling through Facebook, and I came across a blog post. The entertainer asked for advice on how to grow their balloon business when faced with competing companies offering a similar service? A common theme read through most replies of keeping your prices competitive, don’t give it away, value your work, … Read more

Bone Weave Is Great For Hiding a Pole

The bone weave is used for balloon centerpieces as a way to cover or highlight a balloon frame

I’m so tired of seeing the three balloon wrap to cover a frame or pole that I had to create a video showing a different option.  I know some people who will say, “Dale, the three balloon spiral wrap is easy, quick, and if it breaks, can be fixed instantly.”   Well, to that, I say, … Read more

The Best Knots To Know for Balloon Decorating

Knots use for balloon decor when using fishing line

Here’s the problem. You are working with a newbie, and they miscalculated the length of the monofilament line that needs to anchor the balloon arch.  Their solution? Tie a knot like tying a balloon. The problem is, monofilament line, AKA fishing line requires special knots. People who like to fish will tell you first hand, … Read more

Deco-Twisting Soaring, While Helium is Depleting

In 1998, my wedding hall was filled with balloon table toppers, arches, and decorative displays, all floating majestically in the air. That was 1998. Now, in 2013, the price of helium has skyrocketed as producers interrupted distribution of helium production. Horror stories abound of balloon decorators searching five state areas searching for the precious gas … Read more

How To Charge For A Balloon Design Giving You The Greatest Profit

Cheshire Cat

Updated 2021 – How To Charge For A Balloon Design as balloon decorations move from inside banquet halls to balloon yard art. I see individuals asking balloon groups, “How to charge for a balloon design?” or “How much do you charge for a centerpiece?” Like most balloon artists, I look at what the market is … Read more

Let Betallic Balloons Inspire Your Creativity

Betallatex balloons

From Simple to Simply Spectacular…be creative! You can stack‘em, overlap em’, or get creative in their placement to make a typical balloon design more enticing and exciting with Betallic’s beautiful latex balloon line.. You can use imaginative color placement and step up the size and shape of balloons to increase the visual appeal of the … Read more

Halloween Balloon Animals – Don’t do it yourself!

Balloon Animals Featured Blog Post, by Balloon Artist Dale Obrochta

The Internet is a great place to learn different skills, but too often people try to learn a skill days before an event.  As a professional balloon entertainer, I get numerous emails from desperate parents seeking out how to make Halloween balloon animals or looking to make flowers for the school homecoming. These instructions are … Read more

German Panther Tank made from Balloons

Balloon Animals Featured Blog Post, by Balloon Artist Dale Obrochta

There are balloon entertainers and then there are artist who use balloons to create art. Here’s a perfect example of a German Artist how used round balloons as a tool to create art Balloon don’t last forever! Easy cleanup Subscribe to Dale’s Blog and get notified each time a new idea, tip or story is … Read more

Disney – Pixar Stocks on the Decline?

Balloon Animals Featured Blog Post, by Balloon Artist Dale Obrochta

Disney famous mouse will be taking a financial blow with the introduction of California Senator Jack Scott Senate Bill SB 1499. Disney who licenses its famous cartoon characters to manufactures will be looking for new ways to get its’ famous mouse included into kids themed Disney birthday parties in California. Senator Scott’s SB 1499 Bill … Read more