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Bring Mario to a Birthday Party

This past month, I had a request from a client to bring a Super Mario Brothers character, Mario to a birthday party.  I typically don’t do this because of logistics of performing several birthday party shows a weekend and worry about it breaking or deflating before it gets to the client. However, this was one of the few occasions that I did do it and everything turned out fine.  The birthday child was ecstatic with the Mario figure  plus I made a Mario Balloon Hat created by Sean McDaniel

The Mario took about an hour to build. Not because it took that long – I kept trying new designs and finally went back to my original concept. I tried three different body styles none had the look I was looking for.  This is another reason I don’t deliver balloon figures. I’m to critical of my work and waist more time screwing around with new techniques then using the ones I have mastered.

Now, for those of you who will tell me, “keep working on the new techniques” there is a time and a place to do that and for me its never while I’m contracted to build a balloon sculpture.  I prefer to only experiment on designs when people are not paying me to build.  This way I know exactly how to repair the the design if something should go wrong.

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  1. Im looking for a Piranha Plant, could you make a youtube how to video or show a picture of it here on your blog, im willing to pay for it, i wish you were more local so i could hire you, but i would really appreciate your help. thanks

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