A Step by Step Guide to Pitching a Restaurant

Walk inside to the bar. Start twisting. Make a simple, but impressive balloon.

Let's make some moneyWhen someone asks you what is going on, ask if the General Manager is in.

If so, twist until they arrive.

If not, ask for a card and see if a shift manager is in. Pitch to Shift Manager and ask when GM will be available to talk with.

Hello. I’m Jonathan Fudge, an internationally award winning balloon artist and entertainer that specializes in restaurant entertainment. I’ve not only been trained in restaurant customer retention, client satisfaction, and problem intervention – I wrote the book.

Keep twisting. Make another shape if you need to.

The reason I’m here is to offer to entertain at your restaurant at a time when you could be here to watch the reactions of the customers so that you can see what I do and how things work.

You have nothing to lose.

If you like it, we can talk about starting up a program for your restaurant.

If you don’t like it, we part friends.

When done, get all the contact information of the restaurant. Make sure to get the following information:

  • Store Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Name of GM
  • Name of Contact
  • Date and Time of Tryout

Also be sure to write down whatever was quoted to the Contact so that you can stick with it and be sure to write down the time of the tryout on two identical business cards so that both parties remember.

  • The goal when you first walk into the restaurant is to get a tryout.
  • The goal of the tryout is to let the management see how awesome you are.
  • Set aside 5 minutes to talk after the tryout or call them later to discuss prices.
  • Sales Funnel works as follows:
  • Gather all names, numbers, and GM names from all the restaurants in the area.
    Go to all the Restaurants and do pitch for a tryout.
    Work the tryout and sit down to speak with the manager AT the tryout.
  • Set up at minimum once a week for entertainment.
  • Every 3 months (or weekly) have a follow up phone call to see if they still like your services and if they’d like to upgrade or improve in any way.

For the tryout, I offer to entertain for only coupons. If they like what they see, we continue to trade out coupons or gift certificates for cash on a regular basis until I finally accept just cash. This allows for a low risk investment of the restaurant and makes my job of selling much easier later on.

It has also been helpful for me to mention my 100% money back guarantee. If they are not completely satisfied with my services, I do not charge them for the night.