Just Keep Smiling

Smile - Dale ObrochtaOscar-nominated actress Diana Lane said, “I think that anybody that smiles, automatically looks better.”  I agree! Watch the news and the anchorperson, who has a pleasant smile while delivering the daily news.  You can see their bleached-white teeth that are perfectly straight while they provide the daily news.

I remember the photographer at my wedding commenting, “OK, you can stop smiling,” as I was slowly feeling the permanent impression of my top teeth dimpling my bottom lip.  See, I realized that most “celebrities” showed teeth as they smiled.   How else would we know that they had perfectly beached white teeth unless they showed them off?

The art of smiling and showing just the right amount of teeth is delicate; show too much, and it looks like somebody smashed your toe with a hammer.  You know the look. Every family has that child whose smile looks like they’re in pain.

It may sound silly, but I did practice smiling to get a natural look.  Every morning while getting ready, I would toss a smile into the mirror and rate it.  Too many teeth, mouth open too much, open eyes; more smiling on command is not easy.

As an entertainer, I have learned that I have to have a pleasant smile during my show.  I look out into the audience, and I hear that little voice in my head say, “Smile.”

When fatigue sets in while line twisting I smile more to look fresh and awake.  It’s easy to look unhappy, tired and worn-out after a show.   BUT… if I can muster up a smile that shows the pearly whites it gives the audience the impression that I am happy and having fun; and as we all know, smiles are contagious.

A smile is a powerful tool that can be used anytime. Walk down the street and smile at a stranger and watch as they struggle to smile back.  Give a speech and smile at the audience and watch people smile back, and accept your information.

Just keep smiling. It gets easier as you work to find that winning smile.  Studies have shown that a smile, even if it’s your own in a mirror, has special powers that can make you happy.

Leave me a comment on how your smile, or maybe your lack of a smile, has affected somebody.

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  • Mike Bringold says:

    Yes, always smile. Even if you are off the clock and still in public, people will see you and remember.

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