Simple Balloon Design, Creates Big Impact.


Asian balloon artists work.

When I have time, I peruse the Internet looking at pictures and on this on particular evening while waiting for my son to fall asleep, I saw a picture posted by an Asian balloon artist. What caught my eye was the weave in the middle of the flower. It reminds me of a pattern that I probably doodled 1,000 times on a piece of paper.

The next day I played around with the weave and found that it has a lot of potential. I could see it being a large flower, but quickly it turned into a shield. I realized it can transform into a space ship just by adding some balloons to the basic shape. This design was not only quick, but had multiple uses.

I liked the design so much that I connected four of them together to create the backdrop for the video. It wasn’t hard, I just needed a couple of 160’s to secure the petals together.



A couple of days later I made a YouTube video instruction on the balloon weave. After that I saw other ideas, like a star, which I had overlooked. I then realized that flowers have 5 petals, so I added another one.

Balloon Star 5 points

5 peddle flower

It’s not too often that I see a design that has so much potential, yet this is one of them that I will be using for multiple purposes.