Restaurant Entertaining

I have spent years learning and creating ways to market and entertain at  restaurants.  The influx between regulars and new customers makes it fun and challenging.  Returning customers allow you the opportunity to try out new material.  If it flops or if the balloon design is not up to your standard, don’t worry, you have a relationship with the customer. “Wow” the new customers with time tested material and balloon designs and you will become the best balloon artist they have ever seen.  That’s what makes working at a restaurant fun.

Entertainers are always perusing the Internet looking for new resources on restaurant entertainment.  A new resource is now available at – This blog will be dedicated to restaurant entertaining and will be providing detailed information on the restaurant entertainment industry. The content is what I have learned over 27 years of experience in the entertainment field.  I hope it will help all who read it and apply it to their entertainment business.

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