How to respond to a text message

Responding to a Text Message

My ears detect the cell phone text notification going off. I grab my phone, and it reads, “How much do you charge?” Great, I have to play the 20-question text game to figure out what I should quote, or do I?

Here’s how I eliminate playing the twenty-question game.

I reply with; It’s nine million dollars until I know what you’re buying. Can we spend a few minutes narrowing that down to help you lower the price?

What type of event?

Where is the event located (city)?

How many kids?

Texting Mom: My son will be turning four, and my daughter will be turning one. We’re not having a birthday with everything going on, but we thought it might be fun to have something outside in the driveway that the neighborhood kids can enjoy. Who doesn’t love balloons and cupcakes!

We’re in New Lenox. I would estimate 15-20 kids.

Hopefully not $9000000 🤞🏼

Why this text reply works

The setup starts with is an outrageous price, followed by instructions on how to reduce the cost.  The simple process of giving details about the event will reduce the price, and what mom doesn’t want to save money.

The mom’s reply enables me to generate a starting quote and adjust if needed.

So the next time you get a text asking what you charge?  Text back a message that benefits them for giving information.

Share your texting tricks in the comment section?


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