Relationships – Let’s Connect

Dale - BusinessI am constantly thinking about how to improve my entertainment business, and land that big paying gig. Too often, perspective customers are just concerned about price, and not about the skills that I could bring to their event.

My dad would always tell me, “Son, people buy from people they like, and are willing to pay more just because they like you.”

I could not help thinking about that statement as I watched Brandon Stanton, the photographer behind the photoblog and #1 New York Times bestselling book Humans of New York, interview. He had to make a connection with his subject before they allowed him to photograph and interview them. How he conducted the interview was what I found most fascinating.

Brandon’s ability to get people to open up and share personal stories, good or bad, made me think about how I can incorporate this process into my business.

Is it possible to get people to share? Can I create a stronger client relationship? I can recall a couple of phone calls where people openly said, “I like you”, and booked the party with no hesitation.

I going to work on implementing Brandon’s questioning technique, and see what develops from the call. I have already started thinking about questions. What experience have you had with entertainers, good or bad? Do you have any memories about childhood birthday parties?

I’m not sure how I will work this into the conversation. For all I know I just may ask the questions directly. One thing I did take away from Brandon’s interview is to set the tone of the conversation right from the the beginning.

My initial thoughts are….when I get a caller, I need to listen to their requests first. Then I can follow up with questions of my own. I will let them know that I have been entertaining for 30+ years and that I have learned that I need to ask some questions so that I can get a better understanding of them and what they would like their event to become.

As I was writing this I did get a phone call. I wasn’t prepared, but did my best at listening, and tried making a connection since we both have 7-year old children. The last thing she said was…”I hope we can get you for our event.”

Here is to implementing new ideas, and hopefully new, richer client relationships.