Recap Day Two: 100 Article in October

Recap JacketI Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor had been my anthem for this second recap.  I started late Saturday night after coming home from my restaurant, when my dormant cold reared it is ugly head and gave me bones a shivering chill.  I kid you not; I walked into the house and did not take off my down filled jacket.  It was the first cold spell here in the Chicago suburbs, 36 degrees.  I worked for the next 3 hours in a jacket with my wife’s robe over my legs to keep me warm thinking, I will survive.  It was a rough night, but my tired old bones made it out of bed and to my afternoon balloon gig.  Then it was back to the computer to schedule Monday’s – 100 Articles in October.

If you haven’t been following along you’ll see that beginner articles of How to Make a Balloon Sword, Balloon Jokes for Kids to business strategies on Don’t Be a $100 Act are being talked about. Jolene’s article about Maximize Your “Return On Image” is forcing me to go get a haircut tomorrow.  I have to keep my image up.  Jason’s A Moron’s Investment Plan has me now investing in educational material, while evaluating what I have.

I drove 3-hours round trip and was thankfully I had a car and not like Rick Entertainer’s Working Together with only One Car. The joys of having a working vehicle (knock-on-wood).  If I wasn’t shaking so bad last night, I would have caught the spelling error in Michael article Protecting Your Brand Online (forgot the r – Yes, I put in…)

Bizarro’s article– Lift and Support and I’m not Talking Lingerie – well, I will just let you read it! I agree with him on this! Last, is Shannon. Easy Face Painting using Glitter Tattoos—now, that’s a tattoo Mom will let me get!

I hope you have been enjoying these articles, and please – give the authors feedback.  We all would like to hear what you think.

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