Rat Race for More

The evil rat race of business, to  acquire more

Rat Balloon AnimalsAs an entertainer, we are always trying to find new places to advertise and generate business, but once we start to look we get overwhelmed at all the opportunities.  It is similar to George Carlin stuff explanation, you look at an area, then you break it down by industry or companies, then you start looking at individual groups, and then you realize you only need to contact one person to book the job.

That’s the rat race of every business, finding the person in charge of making the decision that you needed made. It means researching, calling, and doing all the things that are not fun about entertainer, just to keep you in the race to succeed.  After all it’s a rat race to find the person in charge before they book another act and then you’re stuck on the sidelines wonder where I’m I going to find my next job.

It’s the whole meaning of business, to find the person in charge and once we find that person, we get that happy email from them informing us that they are moving on with their career. Hence, the rat race starts again.

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