Quick and Impressive Ghost for Halloween

For years, I have been making a Ghost for Halloween and this year I have modified it to be able to make it faster, while still keeping the wow factor in the design.

Use one 350 white balloon and inflate it halfway. In the center of the balloon, I make two pinch twists. The pinch twist separates the arms and gives the place for the head to attach. If you want you can use a 260 balloon, which I have done for years, but found that if I did not put some type of hands on the ghost, it did not look completed.

I now use a 350 which is big enough and looks more proportionate, were hands are not needed.

Ghost Arm

Next, is an 11-inch round. I like to inflate it about ½ to ¾ of the way, and I squeeze the balloon making it a little softer and giving it a ghostly shape.

Ghost Body

 Joining the Two Parts

Take the double pinch twist and insert the divided 11-inch round balloon into the pinch twist and give it a good twist. Shape the arms and you are done, all that is left is the artwork.

Ghost Body part 2

Cute or Scary Ghost

At this moment you have to choose, cute or scary? If you want cute, just draw on the round side of the balloon. I like to use round eyes, nose and mouth. I found this gives it a friendly look.

Happy Ghost

If you choose a scary ghost, flip the balloon over and use the bottom as the head. Draw sharp points for eyes, noise, mouth.

Scary Ghost

That’s a simple, yet quick balloon ghost or scary pumpkin which is perfect for Halloween balloon line work.