Protecting Your Brand Online

Say whatIn today’s world you need to know if someone is talking about you online. To do this is a simple thing and is not to complex to setup (no really you can do this). As a service we call this Reputation Monitoring, and some companies (cough cough) charge a monthly fee to do this, but you can setup a more basic version for FREE, and as a entertainer that’s a great word.

What does this do for you? It lets you know when and where people are talking about you and your company. By doing this you have the ability to thank people complementing you and the ability to head off a PR nightmare if it comes up.

OK so a few websites you need to know about to get started.

Ok from the beginning. Head over to Google Reader and setup your account 1st. Then head back to Google Alerts. This is where the fun begins. Your going to want to spend a little time thinking about this and start setting up alerts that people will look for you with.  Add with and without quotes

  • Company Name
  • “company name”
  • “company Name” + “entertainers name”
  • Product name
  • “product name”
  • “product name” + “company name”

So take your 1st phrase and add it in. Select “Comprehensive” as the type. This is telling Google to let you know if you’re mentioned in news, blogs, and just about everywhere.  How Often, since we are sending it to Google Reader I select as-it-happens. This is so you see it as Google see’s it. Which if your paying attention will let you interact QUICKLY.

RSS Feed - Get One!Now head over to Twitter search and start entering the SAME search terms. When you do this you will see that you can get a RSS FEED of the search. (RSS = Real Simple Syndication, it is that orange box in the top right quarter of the page). This is where you’re going to want to open a new browser page so you can quickly jump back and forth. In the new tab open Google reader. Now on the Twitter Search page copy the link address for the RSS Feed and head back to Reader.  In the top left under the Google Logo there is a button that says “Add a Subscription”. Click here and past the RSS feed address in. Repeat until you’re done.

You are now setup with basic Reputation monitoring on Twitter and Google. The biggest thing you have to remember now is to check it. Until tomorrow.

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