Planning A Birthday Party

Getting sucked into the planning

Just days before by son’s 5th birthday party for the family, I  was in the car going to lunch and my son Carter asked if he could play games at his birthday party?

My wife asked, “What type of games”?

Carter, “Stick the tail on the animal.”

“You mean, pin the tail on the donkey”, replied my wife.

Carter, “Yes, can we play that?”

Then out of nowhere my wife says, “How about daddy makes Super Heroes and we play stick the hammer on Thor, or put the web on Spiderman?”

“Cool”, says Carter from the backseat.

My wife looks over at me and says “It’s great to have a balloon man in the family.”

Wow, here I am just sitting in the passenger’s seat looking out the window and “POW!” I’m sucked into this Super Heroes Squad theme party planning.

Now, I’ve worked with difficult producers and a few demanding clients, but when the request comes from the wife, lookout!  With a little persuasive talking the Super Heroes figures were going to be used for decoration and not part of a game.

Around the house were, Spiderman shooting his web. Hulk in full rage, which my 2.5 year old runs around the house saying, “Hulk Mad”.  Too much Big Bang Theory for him. Captain America protecting us from evil doers, and Thor with his mighty hammer were strategically placed to enhance the Super Heroes Squad theme.

Topping it off was Super Heroes  Squad cupcakes by Swirlz Cupcakes to complete the party.  Stay tune friends, another birthday is quickly appreciating and a new gauntlet will be tossed at dads feet to complete.

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  1. Wow! All I can say is, how lucky is your son! I can’t believe you were able to just whip up this balloon guy. Fantastic! Although it seems to me that adding the “pin the tail” element to a balloon figure would make for a rather exciting birthday party!

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