Be a Parrot, not a Poodle

The Parrot should be the symbol associated with balloon artists, not the Poodle. Think about it, historically a Parrot is intelligent, charismatic, colorful, and can imitate sounds.  I like to think of myself, a balloon artist, as being intelligent, charismatic, colorful, and have the ability to imitate not sounds, but balloon designs I have seen.

Like a Parrot, a balloon artist lives into their 80’s, likes warm weather, and interacts with humans.  The young and old admire Parrots, which can be said about the balloon artists too.  Parrots are ways an attraction at the zoo, just as a balloon artist is an attraction at a birthday party. The similarities between a Parrot and a balloon artist are much stronger then a funny shaven Poodle dog.

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