Oppose the Banning of Mylar Balloons

On May 29, 2008 California has taken the first step in eliminating the sale of Mylar balloons. Instead of going after Pacific Gas & Electric to improve its equipment and services, Senator Jack Scott of California is seeking to band the sales of helium filled Mylar balloons. Does the Senator understand that people will buy these Mylar balloons over the Internet, go to Toy R Us and buy a helium tank and make their own helium-filled Mylar balloons? How to you stop a mom, who is determined to have a large Mylar Mickey Mouse head at her child’s 5th birthday? You can’t! All the Senator can do is help Pacific Gas & Electric profit margin by banning Mylar balloon – Banning Mylar balloons is not the answer! Once the balloons are gone the problem still exists.

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