Mylar Balloons Seller Regulation Vetoed by Governor Schwarzenagger

This past year has been a battle between the balloon industry and Senator Jack Scott who implement California Bill SB 1499 which bans the sales of Mylar balloons. After many months of heated discussions, email campaigns, and protests– the SB 1499 pass through the California assembly to be rejected by Governor Schwarzenagger.

Governor Schwarzenagger vetoed Senate Bill 1499 that would have increased fines and impose new requirements on anyone who sells helium filled foil (Mylar) balloons in the state.

However, the current requirements on the sale of helium filled balloons remain in effect.

  • Those equipments mandate that helium filled balloons must be affixed to weights and that the ribbons attached to such balloons be non-conductive remain.
  • Sellers who fail to adhere to these requirements are liable for fines of $100.
  • These requirements are essential to Smart Balloon Practices. All retailers, wholesalers and distributors have an obligation to promote Safe Balloon Practices by their customers.

Despite Governor Schwarzenagger’s veto of Senate Bill 1499, the Balloon Council will be promoting Smart Balloon Practices in California and elsewhere. The goal will is to better educating retailers and others as to how to properly handle Mylar balloons products, and work within the industry to reducing the number of balloon-related incidents in California and elsewhere.

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