Does it Really Matter if you have your Colors Organized?

Balloon ApronI guess that all adds up to personal preferences! How you like to work. There are almost a hundred ways to do it.

  1. Work out of the plastic bag that you got your balloons in.
  2. Work out of a pouch with the colors all mixed up.
  3. Work out of an apron where the colors are all mixed up.
  4. Work out of a suitcase.

Oh, there are many more ways that I won’t put here, except how I do it. I started doing balloons back in 1995. Back then and now I would find out what they want and what color they want it made in. I liked giving the choice. I felt that this way, they would get what they want in the color they want and would be a lot happier! It wouldn’t be like “K-Mart” where they try to exchange the balloon creations!

When I started, I worked from the plastic bag and then moved up to a fanny-pack. After about a year, I decided that the separation of colors is the way to go. I started buying the colors individually. I bought a carpenter’s apron that had three big pockets. I went and got some material to cover the apron with. I sewed the material to the apron and then added pockets to match the quantity of colors I would buy. As the numbers grew, so would the number of pockets! I would just add another apron and fix it up like the first and join them together! Right now I have four rows of pockets with the different colors and types of balloons, ie. 160s, 260s, 350s, even rounds and bee bodies!  This way I know exactly where a type of balloon and where the different colors actually are! I can now carry over 1000 balloons in the apron and last through any job!

For me it matters because I let them pick what they want and tell me what color they want. If you don’t ask and just make it with what color balloon you grab, I guess it doesn’t matter to you.

Oh, and I seldom throw things away! Remember the fanny-pack? I am using the strap! I sewed it on to the apron I made! Recycling at its best!!! I even got the fanny-pack from the Thrift Shop!!!! True!

Need a balloon apron or balloon animal supplies, then checkout the store?

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  1. Thanks for the article, Rick. I love how you made your own apron by sewing together several aprons. Fabulous idea. I have yet to find an apron to purchase which is just what I want… so I may follow your example and make my own.

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