Manage the Skill and Let Others Reinvent the Wheel

If it has not happened, it will shortly. The list of things children will never know, use, or experience. It’s a part of life as the world and technology change. I remember when a phone was just a phone attached to the wall with a cord. A word processor was a typewriter, and if you wanted to know what your friends were doing, you had to go and talk to them.

Balloon Entertainment, Artists, and EnntertainerFor all my life, I have been learning, practicing, improving, and reaching for that next level as the world and technology change around me. It is a natural progression, which starts in school. In first grade, I was doing simple addition, and in my final year of college I was doing calculus.

In college, a mind shift happened. I originally wanted to be a computer programmer and accidentally signed up for a database management class, which introduced me to the world of MIS (Management Information Systems). MIS was about using software and technology to manage data, unlike the computer programming world that was constantly reinventing the wheel in another programming language.

I did not realize it, but that mind shift carried over into my balloon entertainment life. I’m not looking to reinvent balloon figures, but to figure how to take that figure along with my entertaining skills, and better manage the results, creating happier clients, better routines, and productive use of my time.

I became cognizant of this realization once again after seeing Edward Reid, Britain’s Got Talent. One does not have to thrill the world with the newest gadget, or big flash production. You need to impress them with the mastery of a basic skill, and for me that skill is entertaining. Does it really matter how many completed twists I interconnect to create a balloon figure, or is it my ability to entertain that drives people to hire me?

I may not hire Edward Reid to write a movie sound track, but I would definitely hire him to entertain an audience looking for a great time. Reid’s ability to entertain did not require backup singers, no flashy videos, no over-the-top production. He used elementary school basics, long forgotten by the youth of today to entertain millions of people.

Managing our skills is more important than reinventing the wheel.

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