It’s Been a Long Day

The Days is long, but we want to do it everyday

Chicago's Willis Tower view from the 67 floor looking South-East

While most people enjoyed the extra hour of sleep; I was getting up 1 hour earlier than normal, so for me it was a normal day.  I scurried off to the Willis Tower to entertain at the Chicago’s Millennium Club for an 8:30 am gig.  Some crazy people decided that they need to run up 103 flights of stairs. Not sure why they do it, but there were a lot of people.  After 2.5 hours of entertaining on the 67th floor, which by the way is a really cool view, I headed back home for lunch.

Nice to see the kids dressed and moving around, last time I saw the sleepy heads they were camped out on the couch watching TV.  Quick bite to eat and then it’s off to a private birthday party in South Barrington.  All I have to say is “frick’n huge house”. The person who hired me was an owner of a tattoo company and was very impressed with my balloon art, which was cool, because I’m sure in his line of businesses he sees cool art all the time.

The day was a third done and it was time to head off to Paradise, Cheese Burger in Paradise for another two hours.  Well not right away, I still had 1.5 hours to kill, so I went in early and grabbed a bite to eat before twisting my fingers off.

On the drive home, I realize I been driving back and forth on this same highway for three days straight. It’s almost like I have a real job.

Like clockwork, the dog is the first to greet me at the door. The kids are already in the PJ’s and mom’s putting  them to bed.  One of the new gold fish is not doing so good, so off I go to Wal-Mart for some fish medicine.  This is the second time in two nights I’m running out late to get something for these gold fish.

So the day is nearly done and I sit down and my lovely wife is rubbing my shoulders and as I relax a little voice in my head says “You’re not done for the day. Get your but up off the floor and write your blog posts. “I have been continuously posting since the end of September and don’t want to see the streak fall just because I’ve had a long day.  So here I sit typing away.  My day is complete and now I can relax, until tomorrow, then I can do it all over again.

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