A Line from a Movie

Another idiot asking for a bike

It never fails, while entertaining somebody, usually a male adult with utter “I want a bicycle! Make me a bicycle, clown!” Then, proceed to tell me about the movie Wedding Crasher, as if I have never seen the movie.  My comeback is, “Did you see the outtakes were the beat the snot out of the kids with balloons?” Some have responded, “Oh ya, I remember it now”, which is total nonsense because I made up the scene; others will tell me they have to go back and watch it.

The movie Wedding Crashers, made in 2006 forced many balloon artists to make a bike. Either as a challenge or because just they watched the movie and thought I can do a better bike?  I have made a couple of bikes over the years, some simple and other complicated.

So for those people who ask for a bike?  Here is just another balloon bike that I made several years ago.

To get the colors, I double stuffed all the balloons.

Display piece for Discover Tinley Exp 2006
Front tire
Back of bike with sprocket


Revers side of bike looking at back tire
Bike sproket
This is the detail in the bike sprocket

If you like old school bikes check out my old Schwinn

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