Life – Merry Christmas and Peace to All

Christmas PeaceI have seen man walk on the moon, the invasion of British pop scene, failed assassination attempts on President Ronald Regan and Pope John Paul II.  People trampled on for a doll, not once but twice, was that Cabbage Patch and Elmo worth a life?

I have looked beyond the stars with the help of the Hubble telescope, while seeing craters on Mars. I watch with fright, as those whacked out weather channel nerds, name those deadly storms. Names like Andrew and then Sandy put the east coast in fright.

Nostradamus predicated California would fall, the day I fled San Diego and all.  Gasoline goes from pennies to dollars and along the way, seeing the first African American President lead the way.

I watched the greatest Bears defense win a Super Bowl, while seeing 24 Quarterbacks along the way.  Air Jordan and the Bulls soar to not one, but six championships rings. The White Sox win the World Serious, to the Cubs fans dismay. I observed with joy, the House of Madness shake with delight.

I have only known that Daily’s were Chicago’s Mayors. There where three others whose who names are not muttered.  Snow has accumulated taller than me, not once, but twice in my life to see.

No longer do your fingers make circles to dial a number; no longer are the phones tied to the wall.  I do not need human chatter, because it does not matter, as long as my fingers can go pitter-patter. We no longer  I see the world in five fuzzy black and white channels, but in multitude Hi-Def color. The Mayans were wrong, the Twinkie will live, Y2K was a fizzle, and Victoria Soto was a hero.

My parents have come and gone, yet they live on in stories told to my boys. With each year passing, life goes on and it keeps making me guess what is happening to the world I live? Another year is gone and once again, I am saying “Merry Christmas and Peace to All”.

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