Kung Fu Panda Shopping

Why not help keep the US economy growing in your community?

Kung Fu PandaThe door buster holiday season is upon us and people are scrambling to chow down their Thanksgiving dinner and run off to stand in a line.  Waiting hours just to get that special purchase, willing to endure the craziness and join in the comrade of getting a bargain.  Those who snoozed lost out, or did they?  Every year you hear people complaining that what they came for is not in stock or they ran out of them in the first 1 hour.  Sales people telling you that you need to be there at midnight to get one, at 12:15 AM what are these sales people talking about?

I read an email that suggested that if you want to kick start the US economy you should avoid the big box shops and go to the small business.  American Express is promoting Small Business Saturday. However, the email was stressing something totally different.  Buy services for family members, go get a gift certificate for the beauty salon, car wash, floor cleaned, restaurant, or how about for entertainment. These are things we actually need and use, not something we think they will like or just because it is a good sale. Since the service industry makes up a good part of  USA businesses, why not promote gift certificates for a service.

Why get up at 2:00 am and have to use your best Kung Fu maneuver just to get a products produced overseas, when you can simply go get the a person a gift certificate that they can use and help keep the  US economy growing in your community.  So give it a try this year and cutback on just one of those new fangled electronic gadgets this year and invest in the USA service industry.

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