Knots use for balloon decor when using fishing line

Knots For Balloon Decorating

Here’s the problem. You are working with a newbie, and they miscalculated the length of the monofilament line that needs to anchor the balloon arch.  Their solution? Tie a knot like tying a balloon.

The problem is, monofilament line AKA fishing line requires special knots. People who like to fish will tell you first hand, tie the wrong knot, and the line will untie and the fish gets away.

Three Important Knots

The three knots every balloon decorator should know when using the monofilament line are:

Surgeon’s Knot – Excellent for making a quick, strong loop that can be used for anchoring a string to a nail or screw.

Blood Knot – When you need to extend a monofilament line, use the blood knot as it will be clean, easy to do, and durable.  Do not use the simple Granny knot that you tie a balloon with, as a monofilament line. will untying.

Palomar Knot – This knot is good for securing small objects to a line, that has a ring or whole. Simple and strong knot.

These knots are good for fishing and balloon decor.

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