Life is all about numbers and the getting more Youtube scribers

It’s All a Numbers Game

We are told if you work hard, good things happen.  So what do we do? Dig in and work harder.  Days, weeks, and months go by.  We are still making no ground.  Then reality hits us, and we learn life is a numbers game.

How many no’s before I get a yes?  How many contacts are required before a customer calls?  Is it the third or fourth call that gets a buyer’s attention to return a call?  How many times does somebody have to watch a YouTube video before they subscribe?

The last question is the one that frustrated me the most as a YouTube creator.  Looking at my YouTube analytics is see that 68.7% of the people that watch my video are not subscribers?  If I use the 80-20 rule or, in this case, the 68.7 to 30.8 rule, I need to focus my energy on making that 30% happy. Numbers!  Everything comes down to numbers.

I’m starting to think in 2020, a list of 100,000 subscribers is harder to get then a college degree. After all, I earned my college degree in 4-years with half the effort that I place on trying to get 100,000 subscribers. I even say it is easier to lose 100 lbs, then get 100,000 subscribers.

Here are some things I’ve learned will trying to get 100,000 subscribers.

  1. It’s a long-term investment, and no one video will get you 100,000 scribers.
  2. You must continuously be producing videos
  3. You have to use multiple social media outlets to advertise your video
  4. YouTube can change the rules forcing you to change your marketing
  5. Youtube producers with farm animals have a constant source for content
  6. At some point, you run out of ideas
  7. Those who have a “video team” can do more
  8. More creative time is spent “creating the video concept” than shooting the video

Will I get to 100,000 subscribers? With your help, I can. Now is the time for you to subscribe to my channel and watch an entire video or two.

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