Goofin with the Chicago Bulls

Every year the Chicago Bulls put on a family clinic, where athletes and families get together for an evening of fun in the guy.  This year I had the opportunity to participate in the event.

I didn’t do the balloon decorations, I was their to entertain.








Inside the Berto Center the players are introduced. You forget that the player are kids too, just in their 20’s.

The evil balloon entertainer appeared and had to challenge a professional athlete to inflating a balloon.  Notice he’s sitting down ;0)

I’m glade he didn’t what to have a slam-dunking contest, I have the feeling I would have lost that for sure.

It was fun joking around with Bulls players and when you put a 3 foot hat on a guy that is already over 6′ 5″ it makes him  duck around the basketball rim.

The other thought that keep running through my head was “their earrings cost as much as my car”.

Over all, I had a great time with the Chicago Bulls and their families.  Hoping to do this again next year.  Go Bulls!

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