I use a balloon as a boober to catch fish

Gone Fishing – Is that the new norm for me?

OK, I admit it.  The Covid-19 has me scratching my head, wondering how I can survive as a balloon entertainer.  The virtual market is tight, as companies still don’t have a grasp on what they want to do.  Large community events need several months to plan their marketing, which it’s easier to cancel then scramble for last-minute vendors.  All this while bills still keep appearing in the mailbox.

I always admired those YouTubers who can carve a niche and make a living.  They work hard to produce a product, market it, and show up every day to make the next show bigger, better, and meaningful to their core followers. As a balloon entertainer, this is what I try to do at every event.

Here is what I’m trying to do this year.

  1. Expand my creativity.  I love fishing and entertaining.  Is there a way to combine the two, I’m not sure, but maybe I can expand my Youtube following.
  2. Being passionate can get you only so far in life. I have to do the little things daily that, and in the long run, allow me to reach my goal.
  3. I’m going to help more people with the skills I have.
  4. Try not to focus on money, which is hard to do when your not making any.

Will you see another wacky video of me fishing?

N Yes, as it a small distraction from life.

Here’s hoping a small distraction turns into something longer term and financially rewarding to offset the entertainment career that’s on hold.


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