Doing Free Gigs

Bride and Groom Wedding DecorationsEverybody stepped back and there I was, standing alone. Congratulations, you win! You have been volunteered to make a balloon sculpture.

I am exaggerating, but I do have a person who makes sure I get to show off my skills. I have made free balloon figures for people’s birthdays, teachers, my son’s Valentine’s Day gifts, Halloween, and just recently a bride and groom for a neighbor’s niece.

I have been fortunate enough that none of these balloon sculptures has interfered with my entertainment schedule, but it does interrupt my personal time. The stuff that I do when I don’t have anything planned for the day, like watching TV, cleaning my office, rough housing with my boys, or just goofing off and doing nothing.

You may be wondering how I get these wonderful, non-paying gigs. My wife gets them for me. She likes the personal touch, and since she likes what I do, she periodically asks if I can make a little something for this or that person.

Now that is a problem. For a professional balloon artist, you just cannot make something simple and little; it must have a “wow” factor. Which means thought, time, and skills are going to be involved. When the project is complete, she is off to deliver her gift.

I am sure she will volunteer me many more times, and like always I will comply with her wishes. So keep an eye out for when I post a picture of 25 of these or 20 of those. It’s just me complying with the wife’s wish to have something made for one of your kids events.