Fall in the Midwest

We’re changing clothes again!

Every November in Illinois you see the trees changing colors and people searching to find the right jacket to wear. If you live in a warm climate you don’t fully understand the clothing requirements.  People in the Midwest have clothing for each season and need to shuffle clothing around from closet to closet.  We have jackets for the cool summer evenings, jackets with linings for the cooler fall days, and down coats for winter.  Each coat serves a purpose.  If you’re a balloon entertainer in a warm climate, you may not relate to this, so think of it as different size balloons.

The 160 balloon, the light jacket, used to add detail to balloon design like a suite jacket adds class to a shirt and tie. The workhorse, the 260 balloon, your favorite jacket that can be worn almost any place, it’s your security blank. The 350 is that down filled coat, used in the most extreme conditions. Last is the clothing you need when it’s 5 degrees outside with 30 mph winds.  You know, the thermal long underwear, followed by heavy corduroy pants, with thinsulate socks, gloves, and a hat all stuffed into a snowmobile suit would be your 646 balloon.

Like a balloon apron you just don’t have enough room in your closet to store all your jackets. So you shuffle things around as needed. But, the really fun part is you get to use all of them.  No jacket will be wasted sitting in a closet, they all will be worn.  That’s what it’s like to live in the Midwest in November.

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