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I Want A Video Game

It may seam a wacky for me to be ranting about not having a video game, but the truth is when you’re trying to market something you have to look at all the angles.  I first I need to tie in my career – Comedic Balloon Entertaining with some wacky topic that people may find interesting.

My boys are fans of Angry Birds, but when I was a child, it was the Mattel Electronic Basketball and Football from the 70’s. That was the craze in 6th-7th grade.  There was no shutoff for the volume, and no graphics to talk about except little blinking lights.  Really in today’s standards, very boring games.

I needed to put in a shock value – what can be shocking…. tossing a kid, I thought?  So with a little thought and numerous takes which you can see at my fan page.

I created this video, I hope you like it and share it with your fans

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