Curious as a School Boy

“I read it because of the articles”, uttered by every man who’s subscribed to Playboy.

I am days away from completing the 26.2 with my 500th blog post.  As I embark into the next marathon of writing, I feel like a political candidate seeking exit poll information.  What’s important to the readers? What do they want to read in the next 500 posts?  What makes your finger pulsate on the mouse, clicking the like button or better yet, sharing it with a friend?

Over the years, I shared designs, ideas, entertainment tips, and silly twisted thoughts that pop into my head.  I have tried to stay true to my craft and use balloon images in my posts to enhance, enlighten, and engage you. My pace has gone from marathon runner of once a month post, to Usain Bolt,  of multiple post in a day.

Caring to share is what makes the balloon twisting community special, so I hope you shared your special thoughts on what you find interesting and delightful. If you choose to lurk on the sidelines, I understand, this is the Internet and lurking is excepted.

However, if you can shed some light on this mystery, maybe I can focus more on your likes and weed out some of those crazy twisted thoughts. Allowing me to focus more on you, while allowing me to become better at what I do.


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