Crazy Idea – Create a Balloon for Each Blog Post

It’s not stupid, it just takes work.

Have you ever had an idea and then you start it you think to yourself, “Whose stupid idea was this?” When I first started blogging I struggled to come up with ideas, then I read a blog that said, each day we start hundreds of conversations, we all have an opinion, idea or thought and need to just sit down an convey that in a blog post.   This doesn’t sound that hard and in fact it’s not very difficult once you get the hang of writing down your thoughts.  But, I had this brilliant idea of creating a balloon sculpture with each blog.

Now, if you’re reading this for the first time you have a lot of pictures and posts to read. If you’re a regular follower then you have become accustom to seeing new pictures.  However, many times I will get home, tired from balloon twisting, sit down and bang out 200-500 word post and then realize I have to still make a balloon for the post.  It is not fun, considering I have two boys in bed, I’m trying to twist balloons extra quite, my wife is on the couch trying to relax after a long day with the kids, and I’m exhausted from a long day of entertaining. But, yet I push on writing and twisting looking to create the perfect picture for the right post.  So remember, if you come up with an idea, it may not be stupid, it just may require a little work to get it accomplished.

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