Copyright Infringement Negated if using Word FREE

Over the years I have caught many people infringing on my copyrighted material and I’ve gone after all of these people. But today I found a blog that plagiarized my balloon dog instructions word-for-word and included the step-by-step images. I emailed her informing her that she was in violation of the copyright law that the information must be removed. This is her email reply

I received your request to remove the balloon dog instructions from my site and will comply with your request but as for violation of copyright, here is how you are billed on google:

free balloon animal instructions: Make dog out of balloons.

Basic instruction on how to make a balloon animal (dog). These instructions were designed for kids to understand.
The word “free” certainly didn’t imply copyright to me and I have been back to the site and suggest that you note that it is copyrighted in bigger and bolder print since I still can’t find where the site is copyright protected.
Thank you.
WOW! – According to her logic, if you use the word FREE its fair game for anybody to break copyright law. I’ll be monitoring the blog to make sure it’s removed.

Now for all those people who can not find the copyright information… Go to the main page and using the search box enter Copyright or look on the front page bottom right correr.