No Clowning around in these 10 Articles, Only How to Instructions

Pockets Patricia BunnellBunnell not only makes many hats, she wears many, as well. She is a balloon twister, clown, face painter, henna and airbrush tattoo artist, and producer of DVD’s with her company, My Friend and I Productions. ( )

“I got started in balloon twisting when I saw someone at the Seattle Center twisting balloons and thought it was intriguing,” Bunnell said. “I found the Balloon Magic book in the library and taught myself how to twist them, then I graduated to videos, DVDs, jams and finally conventions,” she said.

Her Twisted Critter series of three volumes is a wide variety of animals made onto hats. “I started making hats when I realized that in line twisting people really liked the faces that I was doing,” Bunnell said, “but I needed to save some time as each creation took too long if I gave it a body as well. It’s kind of funny that people think I only do hats. When a person really objects to a hat I do give the “critter” a body, but its usually a very simple one compared to the head.”

She has been twisting balloons for 19 years. In addition, she has 5 DVDs out, and is working on several more. She teaches her style of balloon twisting at conventions throughout the world and will be teaching next at the NW Festival of Clowns in mid October; on November 2 she will be teaching in Amsterdam; and on November 4 she will be teaching in England.

“I love teaching. In fact, that is one of the reasons I make DVDs,” Bunnell said. “I can’t always teach at conventions, but still like to help others. It’s one way to give back to the community.”

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  1. From one clown to another ….. I’d like to say how much I admire your work , your balloon modelling is amazing , I’m just a begginer myself. and can’t wait to be as good as you …IF i ever am 🙂

    well done and keep enjoying your life and work x Linda

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