I’m being replaced

Place your hand in a bucket of water and quickly remove it. The water ripples as you extract your hand, but notice how quickly the water settles down, restoring calm. That’s what it is like when you’re replaced. I was working with a colleague and reminiscing about the Chicago White Sox. We both worked with … Read more

Little Voice Says, “Failure”

This past week I was working on adding new material to my show. Like many people, the muse speaks to me just before the sandman douses me with sand. The next day, I brainstormed on new material, and several hours later, the feeling of failure slowly started to creep into my mind. The day was … Read more

Entertainer Becomes A Master Craftsman

Hammer in hand, screws and dowel rods skewed all over the floor, I methodically put together my son’s new dresser. With a twist of the wrist, I put the final screw into the drawer and it glides perfectly back in to place. I could do this for a living, I have the tools, the knowledge, … Read more

Balloon Entertainer Takes A Stand

Have you ever tried to cook a chicken with a beer can stuck inside it? No matter how careful you are, the chick is just top-heavy and wants to fall over. Years ago, I was not sure where my mom bought this handy little device, but we had a rack that you push into the … Read more

Entertainer Shushed While Entertaining

In my mind, one second later… Sir, if you get your lazy butt out of the house earlier you would not be sitting at the fringe of the audience. Have you not noticed this is not the Civic Opera House, but a free music festival at an outdoor shopping mall? The convenient seating that you … Read more

Injured Entertainer, Yet Parent Demands Hello Kitty

In the midst of entertaining, a balloon explodes, allowing the outstretched remains to hurl itself back at light speed and striking with military precision the open eye of the entertainer. I have had this happen and it is an amusement ride of terror that you just cannot wait to get off. Being a professional entertainer, … Read more