The Kit That Successful Balloon Yard Art Installer Must Have On Them

Things your should bring an a balloon installation when installing balloon yard art

Balloon Yard Art Emergency Kit Have you ever had that uneasy feeling when delivering balloon decor? You know that unsettling feeling that something is going to go wrong with the balloon yard art installation, and you’re going to do an emergency fix on site. Here are the things I bring when installing balloon yard art.  … Read more

Doing Free Gigs

Everybody stepped back and there I was, standing alone. Congratulations, you win! You have been volunteered to make a balloon sculpture. I am exaggerating, but I do have a person who makes sure I get to show off my skills. I have made free balloon figures for people’s birthdays, teachers, my son’s Valentine’s Day gifts, … Read more

How To Charge For A Balloon Design Giving You The Greatest Profit

Cheshire Cat

Updated 2021 – How To Charge For A Balloon Design as balloon decorations move from inside banquet halls to balloon yard art. I see individuals asking balloon groups, “How to charge for a balloon design?” or “How much do you charge for a centerpiece?” Like most balloon artists, I look at what the market is … Read more

Quick Air Filled Stair Railing Decoration

It is 10:00 a.m. and the party starts at 2:00 pm. I spent most of the morning cleaning and getting ready for my son’s family birthday party. The house is clean and it is time to start inflating balloons and decorating. Decor is never easy for me, unless I sit down and plan all the details. … Read more

Zombies Crave Kids Brains

Kids What Zombies It seems that with the popularity of video games, Zombies are very popular this year.  Kids want brain-eating Zombies instead of cute Halloween pumpkin.  I have the two Zombies that I make during Halloween.  The first Zombie has less twisting and more drawing, while the second has more twisting than drawing. Each … Read more

Halloween Scary Faces

A practical view on how to draw Halloween scary faces Over the years, I realized that you just cannot pick up a marker and swirl it around and come up with an image that you like right off the back. You draw eyes and think, they should be bigger or scary looking, but it is … Read more

Birthday Parties Over, But The Cake Isn’t

How long can it last? While entertaining at a local business expo I was approached by a Mom who told me that I made her daughter a balloon cake prior to Christmas 2011. Her daughter refuses to toss it out and still has it on her dresser.  The mom kindly emailed me the photo so … Read more

Super Mario Brothers Games

Bring Mario to a Birthday Party This past month, I had a request from a client to bring a Super Mario Brothers character, Mario to a birthday party.  I typically don’t do this because of logistics of performing several birthday party shows a weekend and worry about it breaking or deflating before it gets to the client. However, this was … Read more

Testimonial from Toodles at Centre East Showcase

I had the opportunity to meet Sandi Sylver and her girls this past week at the Centre East Showcase.  Sandi was a couple booths down form me and Toodles fell in love with my balloon creations.  She like them so much that she provide me with this testimonial. Thanks Toodles for the kind words. Subscribe … Read more

Tips for Improving upon Theme Parties

Balloon Animals Featured Blog Post, by Balloon Artist Dale Obrochta

Problems with Theme Parties and Solutions to Make them Better Over the past 25 years, I have been at many 1st birthday theme parties and seen many problems with the planning of the event.  I will explain some of the main problems that occur when having a themed party.  These problems occur both in the … Read more