Using Your Smartphone to Take Pictures in a Resturant

Smartphone picture quality is making it easier for me to capture balloon creations that I make while entertaining at a restaurant. Just a couple of years ago, images were dark, grainy, and unsalable for marketing. Nowadays, I use my Smartphone to record my YouTube videos blog. Yet, it does not matter how good the camera … Read more

Making A Connection

I have received good feedback from last week’s post about mobile phone apps, which sparked two phone calls asking questions.  Which makes me feel happy that people really enjoy what I write. In some weird way I have connected with them, be it because of my love for balloon entertaining, my wacky sense of humor, or just because I … Read more

Being Committed – Come Join Me!

Image of Dale Obrochta, Balloon Artists and Entetainer

I started writing Dale’s blog to challenge myself to constantly create new material. It did not matter if it was with balloons, videos, or writing. The goal was to keep the creative juices flowing. Several years later, I committed to writing every other day. It has been challenging coming home after entertaining or being out … Read more

Dale’s Update #2

This is my second video blog posting.  Let me know what you think? What parts did you like about the update and what needs improvement? I added a new opening to the video plus working on sound effect.  Big learning curve when it comes to adding effect to the video – especially editing the audio … Read more

Dale’s Update #1

Like OMG!  I just started video blogging… what next?  Oh – did I say HAPPY NEW YEAR! That’s right, New Years is only hours way. . . are you ready for the new year? Subscribe to Dale’™s Blog and get notified when new posting occur. Do You Twitter? Click Here To Follow Me on Twitter … Read more